Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Thai Temple

The Thai Temple is in Berkeley on Russell in between MLK and Adeline.

I don't know anything about the worshipping potential of the Thai Temple. But I HAVE gleaned the most imporant function of the Thai Temple: Every Sunday morning from 10am to 1pm, the temple puts on a donation-based buffet of excellent Thai food. Just in time for one hell of a breakfast. There's a vegetarian and a meat-friendly buffet and the meal is payed for in tokens. When I went, I paid for my tokens, so I'm not exactly sure where the donation-based part comes in. I'm guessing that if you can't pay for your tokens, they're not going to turn you away but I'm not sure. Either way, for 8 bucks, I got a heaping plate of really delicious food and ate it with a group of friends on a picnic bench in the temple's sunny garden courtyard.

I highly recommend brunch at the Thai Temple. Partly because the food is great, and partly because it's a cool novelty and a great place to take visitors to show them what Berkeley's all about. With enough veganism, heavily bearded new-age warriors, urban grunge, and yoga-built ladies with thyroid problems and dietary restrictions to go around, this meal will re-connect you with the inner essence of Berkeley.

I give Brunch at the Thai Temple five Recycling Wheels of Excellence! What do YOU think? Rate the Thai Temple here!

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