Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Rick and Ann's

Rick and Ann's is a restaurant on Domingo Rd in Claremont, just northwest of where Claremont meets Ashby.

Here's a bad picture of a good brunch!

Rick and Ann's serves great simple food. Their menu is big and has all the usual suspects but also has a few unique gems. For brunch, my boyfriend and fellow food-enthusiast, got the North East, a beet, onion and sweet potato hash served with a bran muffin and I got a grilled pear, goat cheese and candied pecan salad which, although not original exactly, was effortlessly delicous. This isn't a place to drive to from the city, but if you're in the neighborhood and need a bite to eat, Rick and Ann's is a solid bet and you're bound to leave happy.

I give Rick and Ann's 4 stars for being a good solid restaurant. What do YOU think? Rate Rick and Ann's here!

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