Sunday, December 2, 2012

Cato's Ale House

Cato's Ale House is a dingy pub on Piedmont just south of Monte Vista.

Here we see proof of CookieFood's presence at Cato's, nicely framed by nachos and a guiness...

Cato's in a good-ol' neighborhood pub, dank with the smell of stale beer and dark with dimmed lights and scratched wood tables. Mediocre food but a good selection of beer on tap. Nothing to write home about but a good staple.

I'm wondering if Cato's has any special nights or regular events. Karoake, trivia...? If you have any info that I don't know about, post it in the comments section! I give Cato's 4 Wrenches of Excellence. But what do you think??


  1. I just found out that Cato's has a trivia night (or "pub quiz" whatever that means) every Monday night starting at 7:30pm...

  2. I recently went to Cato's with 2 of my favorite people and found it to be a friendly, comfortable spot! I, too, had the nachos- which I found surprisingly yummy. I give it a "very good". It was bustling enough to be festive, yet not too loud to be able to have a conversation.