Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Rick and Ann's

Rick and Ann's is a restaurant on Domingo Rd in Claremont, just northwest of where Claremont meets Ashby.

Here's a bad picture of a good brunch!

Rick and Ann's serves great simple food. Their menu is big and has all the usual suspects but also has a few unique gems. For brunch, my boyfriend and fellow food-enthusiast, got the North East, a beet, onion and sweet potato hash served with a bran muffin and I got a grilled pear, goat cheese and candied pecan salad which, although not original exactly, was effortlessly delicous. This isn't a place to drive to from the city, but if you're in the neighborhood and need a bite to eat, Rick and Ann's is a solid bet and you're bound to leave happy.

I give Rick and Ann's 4 stars for being a good solid restaurant. What do YOU think? Rate Rick and Ann's here!

The Thai Temple

The Thai Temple is in Berkeley on Russell in between MLK and Adeline.

I don't know anything about the worshipping potential of the Thai Temple. But I HAVE gleaned the most imporant function of the Thai Temple: Every Sunday morning from 10am to 1pm, the temple puts on a donation-based buffet of excellent Thai food. Just in time for one hell of a breakfast. There's a vegetarian and a meat-friendly buffet and the meal is payed for in tokens. When I went, I paid for my tokens, so I'm not exactly sure where the donation-based part comes in. I'm guessing that if you can't pay for your tokens, they're not going to turn you away but I'm not sure. Either way, for 8 bucks, I got a heaping plate of really delicious food and ate it with a group of friends on a picnic bench in the temple's sunny garden courtyard.

I highly recommend brunch at the Thai Temple. Partly because the food is great, and partly because it's a cool novelty and a great place to take visitors to show them what Berkeley's all about. With enough veganism, heavily bearded new-age warriors, urban grunge, and yoga-built ladies with thyroid problems and dietary restrictions to go around, this meal will re-connect you with the inner essence of Berkeley.

I give Brunch at the Thai Temple five Recycling Wheels of Excellence! What do YOU think? Rate the Thai Temple here!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Piedmont Holiday Lights!

As of yesterday, Piedmont Ave is fully decked out for Christmas with lights on the street and a tree in the plaza on 41st!

And if you haven't checked it out, go to the Holiday Circle of Lights at Mountain View Cemetery where Piedmont dead-ends (no pun intended). The cemetery is lit up from 5-9pm every night until Jan. 1st. It's beautiful- check it out!

No star rating for this one. If you don't like Christmas lights, I don't know how to help you!

Where are the good neighborhoods for Christmas lights around here? If you know of any, post it in a comment!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Arizmendi is a bakery/lunch stop on Lakeshore just north of MacArthur.

Other locations: San Francisco on 9th between Irving and Judah Emeryville on San Pablo and 43rd

Arizmendi is an excellent, bustling and charming food-spot. Every day, there's one pizza and one soup, you order one, and it comes to you straight from the oven. And it's delicous! So what's the problem.

They also have great bread and pastries. Yum!

I give Arizmendi 5 big fat hearts for general excellence... I love this place! What do YOU think?

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Cato's Ale House

Cato's Ale House is a dingy pub on Piedmont just south of Monte Vista.

Here we see proof of CookieFood's presence at Cato's, nicely framed by nachos and a guiness...

Cato's in a good-ol' neighborhood pub, dank with the smell of stale beer and dark with dimmed lights and scratched wood tables. Mediocre food but a good selection of beer on tap. Nothing to write home about but a good staple.

I'm wondering if Cato's has any special nights or regular events. Karoake, trivia...? If you have any info that I don't know about, post it in the comments section! I give Cato's 4 Wrenches of Excellence. But what do you think??