Thursday, November 29, 2012

PIQ Berkeley

PIQ Berkeley is a cafe on the corner of Addison and Shattuck in downtown Berkeley.

It took me a decent amount of research to figure out what this place is actually called- the owner obviously doesn't understand the concept of marketing and instead, put up signs throughout the restaurant of random words pertaining to Italy. The cafe is big and open with a study area upstairs, free wifi, lots of outlets, pretty good food, really good looking pastries (and a great selection, I might add. This is coming from someone who- probably spending way too much time in cafes- is bored to tears by the predictable spread of doughy-looking croissants and banana breads.) AND a coffee bar.

Good for a quick bite to eat if you want better food than the subway next door, and great for meeting a bunch of people to study.

I give PIQ Berkeley 3 stars for being a good fall-back, but nothing special. BUT! what do you think...? Rate PIQ here!


  1. Another good one. Keep it up. Where are the magnificent croissants up there?

  2. That sandwich looks really good! Yum.