Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Good Mexican Food in Boulder?

In the midst of my everlasting search for straight up, no funny business, really good Mexican food in Colorado, I was very pleased to have stumbled upon 100% Mexicano.

Seeing as how my pallet for straight up, no funny business, really good Mexican food is not easily quenched, 100% Mexicano provided a welcomed respite from the laid back, night job service and painted bowl of tortilla chips expected by the average college town margarita-pitcher seeking cantina-goer. Being nestled in a parking lot behind the DMV took 100% from a restaurant to a hole-in-the-wall, setting it up for either disaster or down-home culinary genius. Offsetting the deli-like counter service are the City of Boulder awards and acknowledgments peppering the restaurants walls, amid colorful drapings and maps of Mexico.

Although slightly over-priced (my mole enchilada plate was $11, not $8) the food and horchatas were delicious, the salsas home-made and the tortilla chips unlimited. The woman who took our order and refilled our chip bowl twice was Lucy Arellano, the chef and co-owner. She and her partner Shawn Camden started the restaurant after the ramifications of Boulder's lack of authentic Mexican food fully and horrifyingly set in. 100% Mexicano is a no-brainer, no problem, awesome Mexican place and gives a whole new reason to hone your Spanish skills. This is made easy with 100% Mexicano's Spanish-speaking Saturday nights, open to everyone at any level of Spanish as a place to practice your language skills. You just have to show up and they provide the discounted margaritas to remove any inhibitions.

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