Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fenton's Creamery

Fenton's Creamery is a restaurant/ice-cream parlour on Piedmont and Glenwood.

My boyfriend is crazy about ice cream and froyo. So naturally, when looking at Piedmont Ave as a prospective neighborhood, Fenton's Creamery- just a few blocks from our house- became a destination. When we finally went though, we were horribly disappointed. The place had an over-sized laminated menus, big portions of mediocre food vibe. And the ice-cream, not as center-stage as we were hoping, was ridiculously expensive! Something like 5 bucks for a kiddy cup. Homemade, whatever, not worth it. We didn't actually try the food... but for ice cream, go somewhere else.

I give it 2 stars... but what do you think? Rate Fenton's here!

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  1. So it might be a cliche at this point because it's so famous, but you really have to go to Ici's ice cream on college if you want amazing ice cream I used to work there and it's as delicious as it is exotic (banana curry, lavender, earl gray with chicory, etc) and everything (including cones and toppings) are made in-house!