Saturday, November 17, 2012

Cookie Food moves to California!

As of two weeks ago, Cookie Food has moved to the East Bay- Oakland that is. In Boulder, I wrote primarily for the food blog Eat Drink Boulder. My writing was therefore partially representative of the site so my reviews had to be somewhat filtered and, often, not nearly as scathing as I wanted to be. For instance, I praised the World Cafe (see article below) simply because World Cafe asked me to review them. But honestly, although I think the owner has good intentions, I doubt they will last more than 6 months, unless there's a secret stash of money that's indiscriminately funding the whole dream, which, given Boulder, is very possible.

So now that I'm writing entirely for myself, I can be as scathing or praising as I damn well want to be. And represent the place honestly so people know that, for instance, when passing AG Ferrari Foods on Piedmont and 40th, despite their pretty gourmet facade, their moody, imported country-Italian vibe and twinkling display cases, their deli food totally sucks. The East Bay is so eclectic and diverse. And kind of scattered. So if you're not sure where to get lunch, click on over to Cookie Food and see what I think. Had a different experience or want to write your own reviews? Comment on my post or send me an email and I'll put it up on the site! I want to make this as interactive as is possible on blogspot. Let's break bread together!

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